This page covers research, projects and artworks that I am currently working on.


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The Archive of the Unseen

The Archive of the Unseen will be a touring artwork consisting of an interactive display housed in a custom-built microform reader/viewer unit. Using this, viewers will navigate an encyclopedic narrative, exploring Christopher’s lived experience, as a black disabled man from a working-class background growing up in the 1970s, combined with archive materials from Wellcome Collection and other sources, including medical records and interview research. The work is being made to be exhibited around the UK, as well as having accessible content that can be accessed online at any point.

Commissioned by Unlimited and the Wellcome Collection, London.


Gendered Re-Presentations of Disability

Radar in collaboration with the Gendered Representations of Disability research project, Loughborough University, UK


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Wellcome Collection / Unlimited Research Bursary

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