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Cripple explores the idea of idleness in the context of the reality of how disabled people have been pushed further to the margins of society due to austerity. From the outside it may seem like they are lazy or idle and not deserving of help. However without support they are deprived of the human right to enable them to be part of society.

Digital video


Welcome Inn


Sleep-in Installation at Art B&B in Blackpool,  which is a room for people to experience inaccessibility. I wanted to challenge the idea that when it comes to access, one size fits all and to create a conversation around accessibility. It was about designing a space that needs to be experienced to be understood, a slightly theatrical space, one that targets non-disabled people.


Photographs by Claire-Griffiths


    Housing Crisis 


    Tackles the laws surrounding independent housing for disabled people, cutbacks in care and laws around health and care. The UK government has since been making cuts to benefit programs that give financial support to people with disabilities who cannot work and provide for themselves financially.

    Screen prints: Paper, Ink 

    Past works

    My Family


    Collection of interviews about family dynamics 

    Glass, Pewter, Copper, Resin, Audio  

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    What's Your Class


    Collection of social dynamics 

    Glass, Pewter, Copper, Resin, Audio  

    The bond, unrequited 


    Routine and life events  

    Plaster, Steel, Copper 

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    Boxed In 


    Medical charts, Assessment forms, Log forms, Ink, Thread, Wire  

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    Between The Black & White Lines


    Ink, Paper, Watercolour 

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